Welcome to Windsor Elementary School’s 65 Roses 5K project. This 5K project is designed by Windsor Elementary fourth and fifth grade students. Our desire is to spread awareness and raise money for Cystic Fibrosis. Our goal is to help members affected by health issues in our community.

The money raised by our 5K event will go towards the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Hannah Goetz, a high school student who attended Windsor Elementary and is diagnosed with CF. Please help us spread awareness and raise money for a Cystic Fibrosis cure. Together we can help our community.

To make this race possible, fourth graders had to determine the race’s course. Then they had to measure the actual course on their field trip and convert measurements in metric and standard form.  One fifth grade class created a flyer to spread the race event publicly. They also created brochures on Cystic Fibrosis that will be passed out during the race to spread awareness. Furthermore, they determined on their field trip the locations of specific stations that are needed during the race. For example, they determined the locations of water stations, registration tables, and food stations. They also created arrow posters to help guide our participants on the race’s course.  Another fifth grade class created all the tabs, registration, and written information for this website. During their field experience, they determined the location of the awards ceremony and were responsible for taking pictures and videos of all students working. This class also created a list of interview questions to ask other students. They used these interview questions, pictures, and videos from their field experience to develop a video of all the students’ progress and work for this 5K event.  Furthermore, they created a speech for after the race. A few students will be delivering this speech and handing out medals after the race too.

We would like to thank Jillian Goodman for being our expert in Cystic Fibrosis and sharing her story with us in the beginning of our process. She spoke about what she’s done for her Cystic Fibrosis in the last ten years (since us 5th graders were born). Jillian said: 

“I’ve been admitted to the hospital 24 different times for 1-2 weeks each time. I’ve had IV lines in my arms more than 20 times for weeks at a time and visited the doctor for over 200 visits. I’ve been given a feeding tube and an insulin pump. I’ve taken 73,000 vitamin pills, 109,000 enzyme pills, 200,000 doses of insulin through a machine, 16,000 PediaSure cans through a feeding tube to help gain weight, 29,000 breathing treatments, and 3,600 hours hooked up to vest machine that shakes my lungs and breaks up my mucus in my lungs. I will have to continue this my entire life. My lungs use to function at 80%, but now they only function at 30%.”

Her story inspired us and helped us kick off our 65 Roses 5K race.

Thank you for your support!